With predictions for sunny weather on Tuesday, we were happy that we had saved the best day for driving the wild Lost Coast roads.  The steep grades and ocean views were dramatic providing some thrilling moments.  We decided to explore Lighthouse Road without a map or a phone signal and after 7 miles arrived at a beautiful beach and campground where we had lunch at the trailhead for the wild Lost Coast Trail.  The roads through this part of California are narrow and winding and it was late in the afternoon when we arrived back on Highway 101 and the Avenue of the Giants.  It was here that Deborah was able to make a 911 phone call for help for a man injured by a fall.  

"When I first saw them, same vantage point Mom took this pic from, she was trying to help him crawl out of the creek. The creek was so loud it was hard to hear them. She said he had broken his leg but while on the phone with emergency services he told me he broke his finger. I said you broke your finger, incredulous, he said again and i heard femur. I ran back up and Mom and Mo gave me Mattie's little wool blanket to cover him while we waited. EMT's were there pretty quick and were going to hoist him up with a rope. I showed them the easier way around the trees how I got down there. Then two more times as more EMT's arrived. They were able to get him in the basket and carry him out but it took a bit. They think he fractured his hip. He only had light long sleeved shirt on and was soaked when I found them. Mom said he was pretty gray as they loaded him into the ambulance but his wife said they told her he would be OK. Still don't know if he was trying to cross over on one of the logs or fell in the rushing water. He had on good hiking boots so that was a good thing."