When we woke on Thursday morning it was raining at the campground.  Traveling east toward Redding the rain turned to snow.  At one pass when the snow was getting quite heavy, we decided to unhook the Tracker for safety.  Of course, as soon as we did that and started back down in elevation the snow turned to rain.  It rained all the way to Yreka, with some snow falling again as we reached Mt Shasta before turning back to rain near Yreka.  With predictions for snow and ice at the Siskiyou Pass Summit we decided to spend the night in Yreka and wait another day to travel  the final 2 hours home to Grants Pass.  The showers were clean and the water hot and we enjoyed another supper in the MoHo.  During the trip Deborah and I played 3 games of Hand and Foot, a favorite of mine that Mo doesn't enjoy.  We finished our 2 out of 3  match that evening.